Special recommendation to our guests for restaurants in Njivice

Rivica restaurant  -


The history of Rivica is a story of a generational devotion to hospitality and restaurant business. It is a story of passion, hard work, and persistence. At the same time, it is a story of  the consistency of general values and changes that come with each new generation or a new period of time, that are reflected in the plates, in the glasses, and in the smiles of our guests.

The story begins in 1934 with nona Mara and nono Ivo, when they decided to open a bed and breakfast in a small fishing village for elite guests from the former “k.u.k.” (kaiserlich und königlich – Austro – Hungarian Monarchy) and provide them with a hedonistic experience of Kvarner and the Island of Krk, two destinations that they began to uncover and which attracted them with their exotic and untouched nature and climate balance.



photo credit : Rivica instagram account 



Beach bars in Njivice

Beach Bar Insula - most popular in Njivice

Sunset Beach Bar

Plava Terasa

Chill Beach Bar




Other recommendations where to eat in Njivice

Konoba Nora 

Kod Dide

Bourbon Grill Njivice






What to visit on the island of Krk ?

Cave Biserujka

Town Vrbnik ( special rec. restaurant " Konoba Nada " )

Soline bay 

Oprna bay (beach) near Stara Baška 

Krk ( town )

Baška beach ( town Baška )

Malinska (4km from Njivice)



Local Market in Njivice

Trgovina Krk ( 600 m from Villa Mondo Adria )


Big Super Market ( road D102 Njivice - Malinska )

Plodine ( 4 km from Villa Mondo Adria )

Cvijet Kvarnera ( 4 km from Villa Mondo Adria )

Tommy ( 4 km from Villa Mondo Adria )

Gas Station

Petrol ( 4 km from Villa Mondo Adria )

Adria Petrol  0 - 24 ( 7 km from Villa Mondo Adria )


Local mini market location - Trgovina Krk in Njivice

3 big super market location, gas station, car wash

Pharmacy ( 600 m from Villa Mondo Adria )

Bakery ( 100 m from Villa Mondo Adria )


Shortest way to the beach and city centar by walk (zu fuss)